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“Tell It Like It Is with Deacon Otis Wicknine”

Fridays at 4 PM/ 7 PM EST! A variety comedy show that includes a cast of the following: Deacon Otis Wicknine: A No-nonsense, Know it all, Quick wit man of Wisdom. (So he thinks) Lady J The Queen: A Soul, R&B, and Blues singer full of wit and wisdom (the sane one of the group) Shaleeeyah: A ghetto salon owner who is full of ratchetness. The kind of woman you secretly love to hang out with, but never in public. The show will feature music from all genres, special guests, hot topics, and current affairs that will have listeners hooked

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              MONDAY   "MID DAY GROOVE"  Smooth Jazz and

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Join Yemaja "Beloved" Jubilee every 2 &4 Tuesday as she interviews Celebrities from A to

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